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How do I redeem my Experience Pack?

Experience Packs come with pre-paid events, and while you will get prior access to book events related to your EP, you aren't limited to just those. If a topic interests you, email us to register, but keep in mind some classes are speciality and may have a cost difference.


Virtual Cooking Demos

First of all, each pack receives one pre-paid cooking class. You’ll receive an email to pre-book before the public for any cooking demo related to your Experience Pack. For example, if you have a Tea & Spices Pack, you would get to book a class that talks about a locally foraged spice before it gets opened to the public for booking. However, you are not limited to your EP subject! If a class interests you, just e-mail us to redeem your pre-paid class.

Foraging Classes

Similar to cooking demos, each EP gets two pre-paid foraging classes, and you’ll receive a pre-booking email for classes related to your EP that are hosted by Forage Culture. Just reply to the email to book, but do make sure you sign waivers for each class. Some classes hosted by other companies are not part of this program.

U-Pick Sessions

The U-Picks are similar to going to u-pick farms where you’re allowed to pick a designated plant from a designated area. You get one pre-paid u-pick, and you’re allowed to bring someone with you as long as they are 8+. All participants must sign waivers after registering, and you must bring your GREEN BANDANA so the host site knows who you are!

Mother nature, and our host sites, will determine what we get to gather throughout the year. You will be e-mailed about and have access to all U-Pick events. They are not open to the public for 2021.


Don't hesitate to e-mail or call us!


The Forage Culture Team

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