Velvet Flowers Latte

Never, I mean never, get hung up on not having the exact ingredients for a luscious drink. Use the guide below to mix and match to suit your tastes AND pantry. This is my personal base for crowd pleasing, creamy, not soapy tasting, hint-of-flowers ratio. Enjoy!

Creamy flower infusion:

+ Choose one of the following, dried: ¼ cup rose buds/calendula, 2 tbsp lavender/marigold

+ 2 cups of any milk or milk alternative


+ Add flowers & milk to sauce pan & stir to wet flowers.

+ Cover with lid.

+ Heat on high, STAY CLOSE BY, until boiling and IMMEDIATELY turn off.

+ Leave pan on stove. Do not remove lid.

+ Steep 20 minutes.

+ Strain flowers.

+ Stores in the fridge for 5 days.

Velvet Flowers Latte: 2 servings or 1 large serving

+ Choose 1-2 Bittering Components:

2 tbsp cacao/mushroom powder

1 tbsp cinnamon/ginger

1 cup coffee

2 shots espresso

1 cup double strength black tea

+ Choose 1 Thickener:

2 tbsp collagen powder

2 egg yolks beaten and tempered with small amount of hot liquid before adding

1 tbsp cornstarch beaten and blended with small amount of hot liquid before adding

+ Choose 1 Sweetener:




+ Add flower infused milk.

+ Blend with immersion blender or standard blender.

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