Exotic foods and flavors can be found right outside, and we’ll teach you how to find, preserve, and use these flavors to transform your eating and drinking. In addition to in-person and virtual classes, you’ll pick your own herbal teas at a u-pick event where we’ll gather leaves & teach you how to create free substitutes to traditional black and green tea. 



- 2 Foraging Classes with priority access to tea classes

- 1 Virtual Cooking Class

- 1 U-Pick Foraging Event plus access to all u-picks

- 1 Custom Notebook with a foraged artwork cover

-$40 of Curated Items such as foraged tea, local honey, or unique spice blends

- Collection & Container Supplies

- Access to the Online Crew Members Area with information about your curated items



Valued at $167

Teas & Spices Experience Pack

  • 1) Every pack is a creative mix of extremely small batch items. We will ship them on a first come, first serve basis, but your access pass will be mailed ASAP.


    2) You can also choose to pickup your pack at your first in-person class OR from the list of spots below. Select “In-Store Pickup”, tell us which location works for you at checkout, and we will e-mail to coordinate. 


    South York, PA

    Mountville, PA

    Spring Grove, PA

    Windsor Mills, MD

    Cockeysville, MD

    Ellicott City, MD

  • How do I book my Experience Pack classes, cooking demos & u-picks?

    As soon as a schedule is finalized and before it’s open to the public, you’ll get an email asking if you’d like to book a class. Just respond with a, “Yes!”, and we’ll register you. You are not limited to classes in your experience topic. Ex: you purchased Mushroom Lovers but want to use a pre-purchased class for a tea making class. Send us a direct email with the class you’d like to attend, and we will register you as long as there is space at the time of your request.


    Once my included classes are used, what is the price for other classes?

    Plant kingdom classes start at $20 and range up to $40. Fungi kingdom classes start at $30 and range up to $50. Cooking demos start at $27 and range up to $100.


    What if I can’t make it for in person classes?

    We offer a range of both in person and virtual classes to accommodate all of our students’ needs, and even our virtual classes stay small to provide a high level of engagement. 


    What is a U-Pick Event?

    When Mother Nature supplies us with abundance, you get to come out pick for your pantry. These are not open to the public, but every crew member is allowed to bring one non-crew member along. Just be sure to have your green bandana visible as this is how our landowners can visually keep track of who’s on the property.


    Why do we charge for U-Picks?

    After your first U-Pick, there is a small fee to attend others. While we won’t supply everything, we do offer some supplies you can “check-out” for the day. Charges help cover staff, insurance, educational resources and host site fees.


    What’re some items that might be in U-Pick?

    Sunchokes, wild bergamot, sweet goldenrod, fields of lambs quarters and shiso, or chanterelles. Depending on popularity, there may be limits on sparse items. Some events will include multiple items. All spaces are safe & legal.


    What are some Mushroom Lover’s classes?

    Expect to see foundational classes like hands on mushroom ID and post-foraging classes like how to store and make tinctures. Many of our virtual cooking demos involve mushrooms as a centerpiece or as easy add-ins.


    What are some Tea & Spices classes?

    There will be specific in person classes on collection, fermentation, storage and blending for forgeable tea components in the summer. Spices, such as sumac, shiso, evergreens, spicebush, wild oregano, & wild onions are discussed throughout the season in various classes, and they are used in every virtual cooking demo. 


    What are some Flowers & Self-Care classes?

    In addition to learning about specific flower families such as brassicaceae or brambles, we’ll have classes that highlight preservation techniques for specific flowers such as violets and honeysuckle, and their uses in easy home products such as lotion bars & bitters.