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The SELL Method

Forage Culture has a commitment to foraging in a safe and legal way. Our unique SELL method was developed to provide structure to the types of questions you should always be thinking about.

How do I use it?

The letters are an acronym for Safety, Etiquette, Laws & Liability. As you approach each new area, plant or fungi, ask yourself questions from each of the three areas before you take any action. Introductory Forage Culture classes led by employees will go over this system multiple times in each class to help you get the hang of it. Eventually, it becomes automatic, like driving your car, and you don’t even think about the micro adjustments & cautionary prescriptions. You’ll just do it!


Can you give me an example?

Sure! Let’s imagine you’re at a friend’s property. They live in a rural farming area and have a clearing and woods.

An icon of a Leaf, Mushroom, and fork with the letter S across the mushroom

Could I get hurt?


Does my friend use herbicides?

Have the farms nearby used fertilizers today?


Ethically, what is the right approach?


Do I have permission to be on my friend’s property at the time I’m going? Where are the property lines?


What are the laws in this area?


Is it legal for me to take the plant according to local law?

If I get hurt, will my friend and the property be held liable?

It’s important not only to think about your personal safety but also the safety of any property owners you encounter as well as the important etiquette of how to interact with nature. By starting your foraging journey with a strong foundation in the S.E.L.L. method you’ll find so many more opportunities for success and partnerships.

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