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Intro to Foraging & Tender Greens | CR

Never eat a boring salad again!

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  • The City Ranch 7613 Dogwood Road, Windsor Mill MD 21244

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Typically, cultivated greens tend to have very little flavor compared to the variety of wild greens you can gather outside your door. Learn how to pick and store seasonal greens; from tangy wood sorrel to refreshing chickweed, wild mints with cumin undertones, and ivies with minty tones! In early spring and fall, we'll probably also encounter a wide range of broccoli family relatives, garlic mustard, and horseradish-esque greens. Our intro classes cover safety, plant ID skills, and wild food uses that are applicable to all foraging, but this class has a focus on leafy greens! We will relate what you see to common grocery store items through sight, smell or taste, and we’ll cover all sorts of seasonal items from arugula replacements to green-bean tasting shoots. We encourage you to take the same class at multiple locations AND different times of the year to improve retention & to provide a high personal success rate! Seasonal Finds: Early Spring - microgreens, daylily, hosta, wild garlic, chickweed, garlic mustard, ground ivy, dandelion Spring - wild onion, yellow dock, jumpseed, wild sorrel, dame’s rocket, field mustard, japanese knotweed Fall - galinsoga, lady’s thumb, watercress, wild spinach, yellow rocket, chickweed, garlic mustard TERRAIN: As a working horse ranch with a stream and hills, this site is muddy and can have a stream crossing that you’ll need to be very careful for. The water running down the hillsides and natural animal byproducts makes this an excellent mushrooming location with lots of natural mint families, fields of herbs, and tree variations. PARKING & FACILITIES: Weekend classes are encouraged to park across the street at Stirn’s Garage paved area, but if it is full, park in the lower lot or the lower field. Do not park at the stables and white house. There is a port-a-potty in the lower parking lot. WHAT TO BRING: We always recommend dressing for the weather and being prepared to hike a bit outdoors. You should also bring your phone to take pictures with and a notebook. At this site, we specifically recommend waterproof shoes such as rain boots with good tread or waterproof hiking boots. Muck boots are the shoe of choice by the instructors. WHAT ELSE TO KNOW: Volunteer opportunities are plentiful at this non-profit location.

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