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Who Is Forage Culture?

Elizabeth Davidson

Founder, Guide

Elizabeth was born into a strong connection to nature, cooking & teaching through her father, a grape farmer & physicist, and mother, an avid gardener and collegiate professor in multiple subjects. Her parents always emphasized strong foundations and healthy caution, and that’s the legacy she continues. Her introductory classes on approaching nature and foraging are based in universal teaching techniques with a strong emphasis on repetition, and her cooking style is elevated-home-chef-with-no-time-but-healthy. And delicious. She drinks foraged tea everyday, loves crispy oyster mushrooms and spent 12 years as a full-time professional ballroom dance instructor to adults.


The Team

We work together to improve our world and our community. Each of us is unique, but our passions all center around the same thing: building a healthier, happier more successful local community.


Gracie Putnam




Gracie grew up spending most of her time in the kitchen. She loves experimenting with new foods and flavors, especially plant-based recipes. She previously worked as a Science and Technology educator. Gracie enjoys hiking, vintage shopping, and travel.

Join Us

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The more we work together, the more change we can create. 

Jared Urchek

Contracted Guide

An acupuncturist & naturalist, Jared has been studying various healing arts for over 15 years. His undergraduate degree led him to a deep understanding of fungi and natural systems, and to a Masters in Acupuncture from the Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture. The Five-Element Acupuncture that Jared practices allows for healing on all levels - body, mind, and spirit - and allows for a greater understanding of how we can stay balanced in Nature and through the seasons.  He offers private and group acupuncture sessions, a growing line of herbal products, and various workshops and nature ID walks.

Visit his site below

Iulian Fortu

Culinary Guide



Iulian Fortu is an ambitious and highly inquisitive forager-chef. With a passion for food that began in early life, Iulian attended the Culinary Institute of America for 4 years to earn a BA in business management with a specialty for Italian cuisine. His internship at Noma in Denmark, along with several extended tours in Italy & other parts of Europe set the foundation for his foraging skills and have shaped his unique approach to sustainable cooking.

Visit his site below

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